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Future Digital Inclusion (FDI)


Future Digital Inclusion is a national programme tackling the root causes of poverty, promoting social inclusion and driving local jobs and growth.

The project aims to ensure that no-one gets left behind within the digital world. We provide targeted, personalised digital skills training with the aim to improve employability, health and well being and provide the necessary digital skills to empower those from disadvantaged communities.

We ensure that the most socially excluded are able to access Future Digital by directing engagement & support resources through local communities and services.

The project contributes to regional Employment & Skills priorities which includes: targeted support, linked to local business needs; developing independent advice/guidance; preparing people for work including employability training & support into work.

Participants will be equipped with improved digital skills leading to enhanced employability opportunities, better financial planning, reduced social isolation, as well as opening up access to online health services. The community will benefit from improved community cohesion as well as support for local businesses and the economy.

Open Reach Digital Skills



Open Reach funded by BT is a new online community training programme that is designed to provide essential digital skills and training for families and businesses across the UK.

Millions of people are across the UK, lack the essential digital skills they need, which risks making social divides wider


Digital skills is delivered  locally within the community where anyone can go to learn face to face essential digital skills to build their confidence.

Creative English



Programme developed in partnership with Queens Mary university of London, funded by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

This programme uses a series of unique drama-based methods to teach English to those with few or no language skills.

Make It Click


Make It Click is a national programme from to support participants to become more confident users of the internet and achieve a positive employment outcome. ​

The programme is designed to provide essential digital skills to businesses across the local community.

As businesses are facing alarming digital skills gap, which is having a profound impact on our businesses. The programme will enable businesses to access digital skills via our platform.


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